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The vineyard is situated in Lovrin, a small village in the Pazin region (Istria County), in the heart of the Istrian peninsula near the river Pazinčica. Middle Istria is well-known for its intact nature, numerous vineyards and small towns rich in history and heritage. The Pazin region is home of the famous Pazin Malvasia. This dry soft wine slightly differs from the other wines in the Malvasia group. It is recognisable by its gentle flowery, fruit-like aroma and can be paired with various dishes.

Since the ancient times, Istria has been a synonym for countless vineyards and high-quality wine. Geographically speaking, Istria's location is very convenient for viticulture. Pliny the Elder wrote about the development of Istrian viticulture back in the Roman Empire. According to the data from 1841, Istria consisted of 16 901 ha in vineyards, out of which 6 029 ha were strictly used for grapevine cultivation. Today, Istria counts only 2 347 ha in vineyards and more than half – 1 513 ha, is used for Malvasia Istriana cultivation. Apart from Malvasia, other endemic sorts such as Terrano, Hrvatica, Moscato Rosa di Parenzo, Borgat etc are being cultivated. Foreign sorts like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay are commonly produced in Istria as well.

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